Adding Participants to a Meeting

Adding a user who joined a meeting as a participant grants them visibility into the recording and ensures accurate reporting.

Meeting participants are initially determined by the users who were invited to the calendar event. This ensures that the right people can see the recording after the call, and you can track how many meetings your team has attended.

There are other reasons to add a participant to a call within Avoma without the calendar invitation. For example, 

  • Users were provided the "Join link" but were not on the invite. 
  • A user may wish to join a call where the access is set to private.
  • A third party to the meeting might be interested in all follow-up communications regarding the meeting's content.

Within Avoma, you can add a person (via their email address) to a meeting BEFORE or AFTER the meeting takes place. To add participants, you can do so from either the Meeting List View or the Meeting Detail View. The below steps are the same. 

How to add participants to a meeting

To add a participant to a meeting

  • Navigate to the Add Participant screen from the Meeting List View or the Meetings Detail View. 

    Meeting List View

    Detail List View 

  • Once you have located the meeting, hover over the Participants icon to open the list of participants 

  • Click on the Add Participants button

    1. Search for the name of the person to add (if they are within the organization) and click on their name.
    2. Type in the email address of the person to add (if they are external to the organization) and hit <Enter>.
    3. Add the name of the participant that correlates to the email address.
    4. Click on the Share Via Email checkbox and click Add.

      NOTE: By checking this box, this member will be notified via Email and will get access to this meeting in Avoma. There will be no changes to the calendar invite.


      • Newly added participants can now access the meeting and collaborate with the rest of the team.
      • Adding users from your organization as participants will give them full visibility into the meeting notes and insights.
      • Adding participants that are external won't give them access to your recording, but you can better track when they spoke and key items that are important to stakeholders.

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