Integration with Copper

This article will explain the requirements and steps to connect your organization’s CRM to Avoma and review the benefits of the synchronization.

Add Summarized Notes to CRM Records

Avoma will review the meeting participants and check against your CRM for any Lead, Account, or Opportunity; respective meetings will be associated with those objects.

Once the meeting notes are available and the correct records has been associated, the notes will auto-sync to Copper. If you need to clean up your automated notes or add additional information, the changes made to the notes will also auto-sync. The synced notes will be visible across all associated records in your CRM.


You will need a Premium or Business license in order to complete the integration with Copper.

Connecting to your CRM

1. Generate an API key inside Copper

Go to Settings > Integrations > API Keys inside your Copper instance. Click on Generate API Key button to generate an API key. Note down the API Key and Email address. Add a Label to the API key so that you remember that this key is being used by Avoma

2. Contact Avoma Support to securely transmit the API Key

Navigate to and click on the "Contact Us" button on the Copper Integration card to contact Avoma team on instructions to securely transmit the API key and email address generated in the first step.

3. Our team will confirm when your account is connected and your meetings will begin syncing.

Disconnect Instructions

If you are changing your organization’s CRM or need to disconnect for any reason, please reach out to, and our team will assist you.