Avoma Integration with Copper

Integrate Avoma with Copper


Avoma is a conversation intelligence solution for Sales and Customer Success teams to transcribe, summarize, and analyze customer calls and meetings.


Account Setup

1. Create Avoma Account

First, you need to create an account on Avoma by signing up from this page: https://app.avoma.com/signup.


f you’re the first person from your company to sign up for Avoma, then you will be an Admin of your organization’s account in Avoma. You can always change this later on and appoint other people as Admin.


Don’t worry about subscribing to any paid plan. The service is free to get started. Once you start using Avoma, our Sales team will reach out to you and discuss which subscription plan will work best for you based on your usage.

Our subscription plans and their respective pricing options are listed here: https://www.avoma.com/pricing


2. Generate an API key inside Copper

Go to Settings > Integrations > API Keys inside your Copper instance. Click on Generate API Key button to generate an API key. Note down the API Key and Email address. Add a Label to the API key so that you remember that this key is being used by Avoma



3. Contact Avoma support team to securely transmit the API Key

Navigate to https://app.avoma.com/settings/crm and click on the "Contact Us" button on the Copper Integration card to contact Avoma team on instructions to securely transmit the API key and email address generated in Step 2.


4. Automatically sync notes to Opportunities Accounts and Leads in Copper

Once your integration is enabled, Avoma will automatically start associating Opportunities, Accounts and Leads with meetings. Once the meeting is completed, the notes will be automatically synced to Copper. You can change the auto-syncing behavior in the CRM settings section.