Integration with Zoom Phone

This article covers the steps to connect your Zoom Phone to Avoma so that the recorded calls will be transcribed and the data will be extracted.


You will need a Premium or Business license in order to set up the integration with Zoom Phone.

Ensure that you are recording your Zoom Phone calls by changing your policy settings within Zoom.

The user who connects Zoom Phone must be the Zoom Admin and an Admin within your Avoma organization.

Connecting your Zoom Phone Account 

Visit the Dialer settings within your Avoma account to establish the connection.

Look for the Zoom Integration section as shown below:

Click on the “Connect to Zoom Phone” button, give the required permissions, and complete the authorization steps by logging into your Zoom account to approve the connection:

You should see a confirmation message upon successful authorization. 

Now you should see your Zoom Phone account is connected to Avoma’s account.

NOTE: To ensure proper integration, it is recommended that the email used to sign up for Avoma matches the email associated with the system being integrated.


Everyday Usage

Review Summarized Notes & Call Analysis in Avoma

Once Avoma gets the recording file from a call, it transcribes and analyzes each call with summarized notes, speakers’ talk times, and coaching insights, just like you see for your scheduled meetings.

You can edit the notes in Avoma and add any missing details. If you have a CRM connected with Avoma, the notes will be attached to the associated CRM records.



With the calls available for review in Avoma, you can visit the Conversation Insights dashboard to look into team trends, individual coaching opportunities, and to see common requests from customers.

You can look at all phone calls and meetings combined, or you can filter by Call Type to just review phone calls made by the team. These additional filters allow you to dig into the details and find the strengths and opportunities within your team.


Disconnect Instructions

Uninstallation from Avoma App

You must be the Admin who initiated the connection.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Dialer
  2. Locate the Zoom Phone card and click on "Disconnect Zoom Phone"

Uninstallation from the Zoom Marketplace

  1. Login Into your Zoom Account and Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace
  2. Click on Manage -> Installed Apps or search for the Avoma Zoom Phone App.
  3. Click on Uninstall.

Important: You might have other Avoma Apps installed in your Zoom Account. Select the correct Avoma Zoom Phone app.


If you have any questions about your Zoom Phone connection, please contact our team at