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Call Management

This article will show you how to start up a scheduled or impromptu meeting so that you're ready to take notes once you have joined the call.

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With a meeting coming up that you are ready to prepare for, you can get started by either joining through your calendar or clicking the 'join meeting' link within Avoma. When clicked, the meeting Notes Taker document pops up with your pre-populated template (if created) in one window and the call itself in another.

  • With a template in place you can use trigger prompts from the meeting's headings, to ensure that you are covering exactly what you planned to discuss.,
  • You can click on the bookmarks and take any manual notes as needed.

Meetings are not always planned. Occasionally you have something pop up as an impromptu meeting. And those can be equally as important. If it's not already on the calendar, you can go back to your work bench and click on record impromptu meeting. Simply copy and paste your meeting link and share it with your fellow attendees. 

In cases (such as impromptu meetings) where there was no template entered, you can add template items to be used during the call. These Smart categories can be added as the conversation happens.