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Can Avoma Admins access other users' meetings?

What visibility and customization is available for Admin users?

Admins do not have visibility into other users' Private meetings, unless said users have specifically shared those meetings with the Admin.

We have tightened our privacy and security measures on the Avoma Admin user permissions. We restrict account Admins in Avoma from seeing and accessing other users' private meetings. An admin in Avoma will continue to have additional permissions in Avoma, including:

  • Billing (Add, upgrade, and downgrade licenses)
  • User and Team Management (Assigning licenses and team members) 
  • Customizing Recording Policies for the entire organization
  • Configuring CRM Integrations like Outreach and Aircall (Note: only super admins can configure HubSpot and Salesforce Integrations)
  • Customizing Conversation Purposes and Outcomes 
  • Customizing Smart Categories, Trigger Prompts, and Keywords