Control Avoma employee access to your account

The protection of customer data to ensure privacy is of paramount importance to Avoma. By default, Avoma ensures that Avoma employees do not have unauthorized access to customer data. 

However, there may be scenarios where Avoma employees may need access to your account data for troubleshooting issues to resolve them faster and provide support. 

To allow Avoma employees to access accounts of users belonging to your organization : 

  1. In your Avoma account, navigate to the Settings section by clicking the Settings icon on the left navigation bar.
  2. Go to Organization > General settings. 
  3. In the Security section, set the “Allow Avoma employees to access your account for troubleshooting issues and support”  toggle to ON.
  4. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes. 

Please note that this setting is only visible and accessible to administrators.

Whenever you require help from Avoma, turn this toggle ON before requesting help. When this toggle is turned on, Avoma employees will have access to user accounts in your organization. 

Turning this toggle OFF will affect Avoma employees’ ability to provide support or troubleshoot issues. If this toggle is OFF and another user from your organization reaches out to Avoma for assistance, the support team will not be able to access your account and will not be able to investigate the issue to provide a faster resolution.