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Conversation Sharing

Sharing snippets is a great way to share the voice of the customer across your organization. It just takes a couple of clicks and we'll show you how in this article.

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After you have your transcript cleaned up and everything is accurate, there are some great followup action items that can be done.

If I have a question or an action item, I can tag any of my colleagues in the comments. They will receive an email notification saying that I tagged them. There is no need for them to watch the entire recording; they can go directly to the point I'm referring to and then reply to my comment. We can keep a dialogue going within Avoma, and get that resolved quickly without taking it to a dozen other platforms.

If you have something more in-depth, you can select a (potentially larger) piece of text and share the snippet to a colleague directly or add it to a playlist for a wider audience. You don't need to share the entire recording, just what's valuable for your audience. We use snippets to share the voice of the customer to our Product Team and leaders who may not be on the calls themselves.

Now that snippets have been gathered, it's going to be easy to find when anyone's looking for customer feedback, they can take a look at that playlist and see this snippet again, not having to watch an entire call, saving everyone time and getting the information shared quickly and efficiently.