Create ClickUp tasks from Avoma notes

Where to go (connect ClickUp): Settings > Organization > Integration > ClickUp 

Who can do this: You must be a ClickUp user to connect ClickUp workspace with Avoma account. You just need to do it once for your ClickUp workspace. 

Introduction to ClickUp Integration

GTM teams meet many of prospects and customers day to day and many of those conversations have mention of bugs or issues faced, request for new features or sometimes our GTM teams need talk tracks to handle certain objections. For all of these requests GTM raise ClickUp tickets to their Product, Marketing teams or any other teams and it does become an added work. 

In this process which entains friction, often things get lost and go unreported. We at Avoma already extract such requests in AI extracted Avoma notes and make it easy to not miss them but with our new ClickUp integration we make it even more easier to relay this data to your cross functional teams. 

With Avoma ClickUp integration you can manually create ClickUp tasks from Avoma but that’s not all, to take a step further you can setup automations to automatically create ClickUp task each time certain things like Bug, Feature or any other request is mentioned. 

If you’re looking to integrate any other tools with Avoma. Read at Integrations - Help Center  for more. 

Setting up the ClickUp Integration

As a ClickUp user of your organization, you can connect your ClickUp workspace to Avoma account for all members of the organization. 

Navigate to Integrations in the left hand navigation by choosing Settings > Organization > Integrations.

Click on the Connect ClickUp button as part of the App Integrations. This will redirect you to an authentication page. 

Review the view and action permissions, Select the workspace that you want to connect, then Click Allow to connect ClickUp to Avoma. If successful you will see a confirmation screen.

How to Manually create a ClickUp tasks from Avoma 

Where to go: Your Account > Meetings tab > Open any meeting notes

Who can do this: Any user can create a ClickUp task. 

Under any meetings notes, you just need to select the text that you want to create into a ClickUp task 

Click on Create ClickUp Task to start creating ClickUp task. 

The selected text will be already added under descript field, Fill out a task title, select the list and assignee and click on create to create a task in ClickUp. It’s that easy! 

How to Automatically create ClickUp tasks from Avoma

Now you must be thinking that since the above workflow of requests might happen more than once so can I automate it? And the answer is yes. 

Where to go (connect ClickUp): Settings > Organization > Integration > ClickUp > Configure

Who can do this: You must be an Avoma user to create automations

You can setup automations to automatically create ClickUp tasks each time certain things are extracted in notes for any of the teams and you can choose from multiple filters to setup this criteria. 

Setup Trigger

  • You can select the team’s for whose meetings you want to create ClickUp tasks.
  • Similarly you can select multiple filters available to configure the trigger rules. 
  • Only the meetings matching trigger rules will qualify for the Action

Setup Action

  • You can create multiple actions within single automation, you can select the title of the ClickUp task, ClickUp list you want it to go under and assignees.
  • Actions take place after meetings have happened and are processed by Avoma (Not simply when meetings are scheduled)

You can create multiple automations in your Avoma account, if meeting qualified for multiple triggers it will be used to generate multiple actions across automations. 

Viewing created tasks in ClickUp

You can view the created ClickUp tasks in respective ClickUp list. In order to know which one’s are created by Avoma simply select a tag in ClickUp called “createdbyavoma” and filter the tasks created by Avoma. 

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