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Dialer Settings

Integrate the power of Avoma with your dialer provider

Avoma integrates with several dialers to provide a seamless meeting experience.

Note: *** Aircall, Copper, and Kixie require additional configuration steps.

How to set up a Dialer with Avoma

  1. From within Avoma, Navigate to the Settings > Your Account > Dialer.

  2. Authorize Avoma to access your preferred dialer by clicking the blue "Connect" button on the Dialer Settings page:

    WARNING: You must be an Admin in both Avoma and your dialer to complete setup.


  3. You will see the established dialer connection and the administrators information: 
  4. Invite your team from the Users page at https://app.avoma.com/settings/users. Calls will only be analyzed for members who have signed up with Avoma.


To disconnect any dialer, or for additional help with your setup, please contact our team at help@avoma.com.