Does Avoma have a mobile App?

Yes! You can listen to your recordings on-the-go.

Within our mobile apps, you can view the meeting recording as well as manage certain aspects.

IMG_7517-PNG.          IMG_7516-PNG


View the recording with playback capabilities

  • Change playback speed (0.5x - 1x - 1.5x - 2x)
  • Fast forward and reverse (15 seconds)

Check out the Call Details
  • Purpose and Outcome
  • Call specifics (Start time, Duration, Meeting host, Participant list, Meeting type)
  • Privacy settings (Visible to Organization, 

Access Avoma Meeting Assistant 
  • Analysis - Legend of AI captured Topics; Speaker Talk time analysis; Longest Monologue
  • Transcript - Time stamped, searchable meeting transcription
  • Snippets - Shared meeting snippets
  • Comments - Posted collaborative comments

Download our iOS app here.

Download our Android app here.