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During the Meeting Workflow

Active listening and note-taking are probably the most important “during the meeting” skills. 

Active listening is a key element of any conversation, especially when talking to prospects or discussing complex topics that require your full attention. 

Note-taking during meetings helps you recall key information ranging from important deadlines, action items, and client pain points to reactions, new ideas, and topics. Note-taking is an essential when you have back-to-back meetings, and you must remember what’s being said in all those different settings. 

So why do we struggle to write good notes? Or, worst, not write notes at all?

We experience a key challenge during meetings: listening and taking notes simultaneously is hard. 

  • we write and don’t listen
  • we don’t write the important stuff
  • we let formatting distract us 
  • we lose conversation ability (and this one is the most painful) 

To relieve the pain, we built these key functionalities to use during your live meetings:

Automatic Recording & Real-Time Transcriptions - all your calls and video meetings are automatically recorded and transcribed. Plus, you can access transcriptions in real time if you’re using the Avoma bot to record meetings. Real Transcriptions are very useful when someone is talking fast, has an accent, or you don’t want to interrupt them. 

AI Notes – utilizes an AI agent that takes and summarizes notes for every meeting or call, so you don’t need to take notes manually and can entirely focus on the conversation. Plus, notes are synced directly to your CRM. 

Live Bookmarks – are tags at the bottom of the Notes editor inside the Avoma platform. They help extract and organize key meeting interactions that AI agent might miss. Heard something important during the meeting that you want to capture with minimum distraction? Click on the bookmark that best describes the situation and access it later. 

Using Avoma During a Meeting