Avoma is a meeting workflow management and AI assistant for your Zoom meetings. With Avoma’s integration with Zoom, you can have the most efficient and delightful meeting experience ever.

Types of Avoma Integrations with Zoom

Avoma integrates with Zoom in 2 different ways:

  • If you have purchased Zoom’s Cloud Recording service, then you should use this integration

  • With this integration, you will have to Turn ON the Cloud Recording functionality in Zoom, and it’s Zoom’s responsibility to record all your Zoom meetings

  • Avoma integrates with Zoom’s API to get recordings and processes it for AI analysis

2. Avoma Managed Recordings

  • This is applicable when you haven’t purchased Zoom's Cloud Recording OR you want to record non-Zoom meetings

  • With this integration, Avoma will join your Zoom meeting as a silent participant (Avoma Bot)

  • Avoma will record the Audio and Video of your meeting and process it for AI analysis

In this document, with step by step instructions, you will learn how to: 

  1. Connect your Zoom account with Avoma

  2. Enable cloud recordings in Zoom

  3. Configure recording settings in Avoma for your Zoom and other meetings

  4. Unlink your Zoom account

1. Connect Your Zoom Account with Avoma

1.1. Create Avoma Account

First, you need to create an account with Avoma by signing up from this page: https://app.avoma.com/signup. You can sign up to Avoma with your work email address using Gmail and Outlook.

Don’t worry about subscribing to any paid plan. The service is free to get started. Once you start using Avoma, our Sales team will reach out to you and discuss which subscription plan will work best for you based on your usage.

Our subscription plans and their respective pricing options are listed here: https://www.avoma.com/pricing

1.2. Connect Your Zoom Account

Now you can link your Zoom Account to Avoma Account by going to Avoma's Conference Setting page: https://app.avoma.com/settings/conference

Look for the Zoom Integration section as shown below:

Click on the “Connect to Zoom” button, login to your Zoom account: 

Give required permissions and complete the authorization steps:

You should see a confirmation message upon successful authorization.

Now you should see your Zoom account is connected to Avoma’s account:

2. Enable Cloud Recordings in Zoom

2.1. Turn ON Automatic Recording

Go to Zoom's Recording Setting page (https://zoom.us/profile/setting?tab=recording) and turn ON "Automatic recording" setting as shown below:

For 2-consent notification, it's required you inform participants that you're recording a meeting. From Zoom's Recording settings page (https://zoom.us/profile/setting?tab=recording), you can turn ON "Multiple audio notifications of recorded meeting" setting as shown below and have Zoom announce the recording notification to all participants when they join:

3. Configure Recording Settings in Avoma

3.1. Your Zoom Meeting Recording Setting

Go to Avoma's Recording Setting page (https://app.avoma.com/settings/recording) and select "Zoom Cloud Recording" option for "How would you like to record your Zoom meetings?" setting as shown below:

3.1.1. "Zoom Cloud Recording" Option
When you select "Zoom Cloud Recording" option, this is the experience you get:

  1. Avoma Assistant (i.e. Bot) will NOT join your meetings as an additional participant in your meetings

  2. You can ensure Recording Notification audio prompt is announced by Zoom for every participant

Also, when you select this option, for your upcoming meetings, when you are the organizer and have Zoom conference details in a calendar invite, it will show the recording state as "Recording managed by Zoom" as shown below:

If you do not wish to record the meeting, then you need to stop recording that particular meeting via the Zoom Video client.

3.1.2. "Avoma Assistant" Option
When you select "Avoma Assistant" option, this is the experience you get:

  1. Avoma Assistant (i.e. Bot) will join your meetings as an additional participant with name as "{Your Company Name} Note Taker"

  2. Avoma will announce the Recording Notification prompt when Avoma Assistant joins the meeting

  3. Participants who join the meeting after Avoma Assistant will not hear the recording notification prompt

Also, when you select this option, for your upcoming meetings, when you have Zoom conference details in calendar invite, it will show the recording state as "Recording Scheduled" as shown below:

3.2. Other's Zoom Meeting OR non-Zoom Recording Setting

When you choose to record your Zoom meetings with "Zoom Cloud Recording" as discussed above, then you need to also decide, for i) other Zoom meetings where you are not the Host or ii) non-Zoom conference based meetings that get scheduled on your calendar, what do you want Avoma Assistant to do?

  • Record external only meetings

  • Record all (external and internal) meetings

  • Don’t record any meetings

Select the desired option as shown below:

If at any time in future you decide to not analyze your Zoom meetings and want to disconnect your Zoom account from Avoma, you can and unlink it from the Conference Settings page: https://app.avoma.com/settings/conference

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