With Avoma you can easily share an insightful meeting with your colleagues or send that killer demo to your prospect so they can pass it around their team. We know that security is paramount so we give you complete control over who has access to meeting recordings when you share.

To share a meeting, click the Share button on the top right corner of the Meeting page.

Share Privately

If you want to share the meeting with a select few, make sure Private is selected in the Permissions radio options. In the "Share with..." box, type the email addresses of the people you want to share the meeting with. With this method, recipients need Avoma accounts in order to view the meeting, so if they are not already users they will be invited to create an account when they try to access the meeting.

Sometimes you wish to share a link that anyone in your organization can view. Select Organization Only in the Permissions radio options, and then you can copy the link on the right under "Get Shareable Link" and send it to your organization. Viewers will need an Avoma account to see the recording, otherwise recipients from your organization can also request a one-time access code that will be sent via email.

To share a meeting recording with someone outside your organization who might not have an Avoma account, choose the Public option from the dropdown. This generates a secret link that you can send to someone outside your organization. You can copy this link and send it to someone directly, or type in their email address in the "Share with" box and Avoma will email the link for you. Anyone with this link can view the meeting recording, no login required.

If you use the public link method, anyone who has the link will be able to view the recording, so be sure to only send it to people you trust. You can also set an expiration date for the recording so if anyone tries to access it after it expires, they will not be able to see it.

Happy Sharing!

Your meetings hold invaluable information, and with Avoma you can make sure it doesn't just disappear after the call is over by sharing with your team or customers.

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