What is a recording vs listening license?

Recording license

Any user who wants to record and transcribe their meetings and calls is considered a recorder.

You only need to purchase licenses for users who want to record and transcribe their meetings and calls.

Listening and Collaborator license

Any user who wants to listen to recordings or comment on other team member's meetings and calls is considered as a listener or collaborator.

There is no charge for listeners or collaborators and they use Avoma for free.

Can I purchase different plan licenses for different team members?

Yes. You can purchase different subscription plan licenses and assign those appropriately to different users in the organization as per their needs.

E.g.: A Sales rep can purchase a Premium license, a UX Designer can purchase a Plus license.

How does adding and removing licenses work?

If you add anything to or upgrade your plan, the changes will be pro-rated for the remainder of your billing cycle and billed immediately.

In addition, your new subscription total will be reflected in your next bill. If you remove anything or downgrade your plan, the change will only take effect at the next billing cycle.

We typically do not offer credits or refunds for plan cancellations or changes or unused licenses in the middle of your subscription.

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