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Facilitating Live Calls

While on a call, there are many ways that you can take notes and Avoma, and we'll review them in this article.

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Once you've joined your call with a customer or your team, you may want something to refer back to.

Within Avoma there are a few ways to accomplish note taking.  If you are someone who likes to sit back, engage in the conversation, and not type anything, we have a couple of ways that Avoma is going to jump in and take some notes for you.

With a template already inserted, notes can be extracted either manually by an Avoma user and/or completely done by Avoma as a note taker.

Using trigger prompts, Avoma allows for an admin to set up predetermined questions for the notetaker to follow. When Avoma's AI hears these prompts, it automatically extracts the text after what was said and succinctly includes it in the notes. This allows you to sit back and know that those voice of the customer moments are going to be captured, and you don't have to be typing furiously away on your keyboard.

In addition, there are keywords you can insert as well. As an admin, you can set up the keywords in the system. Avoma automatically listens for the participants to say them, and as they do, those single items (keywords) are listed below that category, allowing you to look back at a glance after the call.

If you're someone who likes a little more control - you want to make sure something's captured - you can use the category bookmarks at the bottom of the notetaker and capture a moment.

The text from when you clicked the bookmark will fill-in after the call, and you can see that everything that happens is going to be associated with a timestamp. 

Of course, you can still type any notes you'd like as well, as you would in any text editor. The benefit of typing notes in Avoma is that any notes taken, will have a timestamp, so you can review the context around that note after a call.

If you have multiple participants from your team on a call, the notes page is a collaborative space, much like your documents elsewhere. Multiple members can take notes simultaneously and share the note taking experience. Additionally, each call participant can take their own private notes for future reference that are not shared with other callers.