Forecast Settings

How to reach: Settings > Your Account > CRM > Configure > Forecasting 

Permissions: You must be an Admin or team manager to make changes here

Under Forecast settings, you will find below the options 

Forecast Amount

With this, you can choose how the Forecast Amount is displayed in your forecasting view. Forecast Amount options are set up in your CRM and pulled in by Avoma.

You can choose from the below options

  1. Total Amount - Actual deal amount that’s in your CRM is displayed in Avoma.
  2. Weighted Amount (Coming Soon) - You can set weightage to each deal stage in your CRM and that weighted deal amount is displayed in Avoma.

Forecast Category

Forecast Category (Forecast Type in case of salesforce) is a property within your CRM. Avoma imports these values from your CRM and are displayed in Avoma. 

Team Selection

In your Forecasting view and Targets in Avoma you may not have all teams created in Avoma relevant for forecasting and thus you can decide to make certain teams visible. Avoma will show all teams if none are selected.

Once you’ve set everything right go over to set targets and start your forecasting journey with Avoma. 

Read more about the complete guide on Avoma forecast <here>.