Forecast Submission and History

How to reach: Revenue Insights > Forecast > Forecast submission column

Permissions: Users with a business plan can view.

Under Forecast submission you can view your team’s forecast submitted for the selected time period. 

Dig deeper into the deals forecasted for selected time period in one click. Here's how you can review your teams forecast submitted.

Review your forecast submission and history

When you’re on your forecast board you will see the forecast submitted column, just click on the edit button to see the forecast submitted by each member for the selected time period. Once opened you’ll see 2 tabs here. 

  • Submitted Deals
    1. You can view the deals from different stages and forecast categories here which are submitted by your team for the selected time period. 
    2. Below is the information about each field from this view and what it means

Sr no


What do they mean



Select the pipeline for which you want to submit the forecast



Select the time period for which you want to submit the forecast


Your Submission

You can submit a manual forecast number based on your estimate, you can also consider special cases which might to your revenue. 


Included Deals Value

Back up your forecast by selecting the deals in forecast submission for the selected period



Add a note for your manager about what’s changed in your new forecast. 

  1. History 
    1. You can check the history about changes to the Your Submission and Included Deals Value.
    2. You can also see the deals added to removed from the forecast and note about it. 
    3. Once your deals are moved from the selected period they are automatically removed from the forecast submitted and this the Included deals value changes.