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How to manage scheduling pages

Creating Avoma Scheduler pages based on your scheduling preferences

Creating a Scheduler Page

Within the Avoma Scheduler, you can create unlimited scheduling pages based on your scheduling preferences and needs, such as meeting duration, hours available, days available, etc. To create a page, follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the + Create Scheduling Page button in the top right-hand corner of the Avoma Scheduler tab and choose One-On-One to schedule a meeting with a single person, OR Create New from the View Scheduling Pages button in the top right-hand corner of your My Meetings page.
  2. Fill in Event Information which describes the type of call.
    1. Name - Enter the display name of the schedule (i.e. "Account Onboarding")
    2. Description (Optional) - Write a summary and any details that the invitee should know about the event.
    3. Location - Specify how and where both parties will connect at the scheduled time. This location will appear on the calendar event and be added to both your and your invitee's calendars. 

      NOTE:  If you select Google or Zoom web conference, this will automatically add a meeting link to the calendar invite.

    4. Conversation Purpose - The conversation Purpose will be set automatically for all meetings scheduled via this meeting link.

  3. Click Save & Next.

    To learn more about Group Scheduling, check out the Creating a Group Scheduling Page article.

  4. Set your Scheduling Preferenceswhich determine your availability. 
    1. Scheduling Link - Customize the public link that invitees will use to schedule a meeting.
    2. Availability - Select the days of the week and times of the day that you will be available for invitees to schedule meetings. If you'd like to set different hours of availability for different days of the week (for example, available 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday but only available 9am-12pm Fridays), click Add New and set your availability for a separate day. 
    3. Duration -   Select how long events scheduled through this page will be. You can specify multiple duration options. . Your meeting invitees will have the option to select a duration of their choice when scheduling a meeting. The minimum is 15 minutes; the maximum is 6 hours. Please be mindful of the maximum recording time allowed by your Avoma license.

    4. Minimum Scheduling Notice - Set a minimum notice required for attendees to schedule a new meeting.
    5. Buffer Time - Build in buffer time before and after these events to prepare for, or wrap up, other events.
    6. Invitees can schedule into the future up to - Set a future limit for invitees beyond which they cannot schedule any meetings using this link. The maximum is 6 months.
  5. Click Save & Next.
  6. Select which information you would like invitees to provide.

    NOTE: By default, the invitee's name and email address are required. You can select whether you'd like to provide them the option to include their role, company name, an agenda, or invite additional guests. You can make any of these fields required, as well.

  7. Click Save & Close
  8. This scheduling page will now appear under your Scheduler tab, under My Scheduling Pages. You can now share this link so others can view your availability and book meetings with you directly.


Sharing a Scheduler link

Here are two options to share the Scheduler link. 

  • In-line with the page you have created, click the View scheduling page link. This opens the link directly in a new tab;
  • Click on the Copy link and share it with the party to which you would like to schedule a meeting.

The resulting Scheduler page allows the recipient to choose a meeting day, time, and time zone. Followed by the mandatory fields to include your name and email address.



If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team at help@avoma.com.