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How to Customize your Smart Categories

In Avoma, you can set up custom Smart Categories that can be configured to extract custom notes fit to your need. This article will discuss the options you have to customize these categories.

Smart Categories

Any Admin in your Avoma organization can add and personalize your Smart Categories. To access this setting, click on "Settings" in the left side panel, and click on the Smart Categories option.  Click HERE to access it directly. You can add as many additional smart categories you need by clicking on the "Add Smart Category" button on the top right corner of your screen. 


For each category, you have 2 options available to customize how and what notes will automatically extract from your meetings. 

  1. Trigger Prompts
  2. Keywords

Both items can be configured by clicking on the "Trigger Prompt and Keywords based AI-generated Smart Notes" tab.

Trigger prompts

Trigger Prompts allow you to extract more custom notes. With this feature, you can configure "trigger" questions or prompts that team members are asking during the call, and Avoma can extract notes based on those trigger prompts into a specific smart category. In the below example, we created a custom category called "Referral Source", and set up the trigger prompt as "How did you hear about us". Anytime a rep asks this question, and the prospect responds to it, Avoma will extract the prospect's response in my notes under the "Referral Source" category. You can add as many additional variations or prompts as you need. 


    Applying Keywords to your Smart Categories will prompt Avoma to automatically pull in that Keyword under that Category when that word is mentioned in your meeting. Using the same example, below is how you can configure your keywords under a "Referral Source" category. 


    If you have any questions about how to personalize and configure your Smart Categories, please contact us at help@avoma.com