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How to use Note Templates

Using note templates can save you valuable time and effort during your meeting preparation process. 

Create a template

Visit your Templates view in Avoma to create and edit your templates at any time. Create a new template by selecting Create New Template button in the top right corner. In the pop-up, you will then have the option to title the template, apply the correct privacy level, and select a purpose for that template. 

Purposes for templates: When you apply a Purpose to a template, Avoma will then auto-apply this note template for any meetings with that applied purpose. Purposes can be customized by any Admin in your Avoma organization. Please visit our Purposes & Outcomes article to learn more. 


Template Best Practices

Templates can be created for calls captured from Conferencing Systems (e.g., Zoom, Webex)  as well as from Dialers (e.g., Aircall, Kixie). 

Once you have created a template, you can associate it with a "Purpose". Each time a meeting with that specific Purpose is held, the associated template will be automatically added to the meeting.


DIALER EXAMPLE: Suppose you have your Sales Development Reps (SDRs) using Avoma to record "cold calls". For them, a "cold call" purpose can be associated with the template you have created. Each time the SDR makes a call, the notes will include the framework from the  template for the AI notes to be extracted and organized. 


NOTE: Please verify that your dialer is synced to your Avoma account and it has the same call purpose for the templates to be automatically added to the call.

Using Smart Categories

When creating Templates, you will have the option to add your Avoma Smart Categories. Smart Categories in Avoma can be specifically configured to your needs! Click HERE to learn more about Avoma Smart Categories.

When creating a template in Avoma, we recommend adding a list of Smart Categories that will help extract custom notes for that templates specific use case. In your template doc, you can add a new Smart Category by clicking the "/" button or by clicking the "+" icon. A list of your Avoma Smart Categories will then populate.


Please reach out to help@avoma.com if you have any questions regarding Avoma Templates.