Avoma Integration with Outreach

Seamless Synergy: Integrating Outreach with Avoma


Avoma is a conversation intelligence solution for Sales and Customer Success teams to transcribe, summarize, and analyze customer calls and meetings.

Avoma Account Setup

To use Avoma’s conversation intelligence functionality for your Outreach account, please follow these step by step instructions:

1. Create Avoma Account

First, you need to create an account on Avoma by signing up from this page: https://app.avoma.com/signup. You can sign up to Avoma with your work email address using Gmail and Microsoft/Outlook.

2. Connect Outreach with Avoma

You need to authorize Avoma to access Outreach calls by clicking on the "Connect to Outreach" button on the Dialer Settings page:


You should see a confirmation message for successful authorization, and should see your Outreach account is connected to Avoma’s account.

3. Invite Team

If you want your team’s Outreach calls to be analyzed in Avoma, then invite your team members to Avoma from the Users page: https://app.avoma.com/settings/users.

Please note all the users from your organization whose calls need to be recorded will need to connect individually to Outreach. 

4. Enable Call Recording in Outreach

Note : Please note that this is an essential step required for the Avoma-Outreach integration to work seamlessly. "Call Recording" must be enabled in Outreach so that calls are automatically recorded and Avoma can pull these calls for processing. Check this help article for more information. 

  1. Access the Outreach Platform.
  2. Click on the user's initials in the bottom left corner of the navigation sidebar.
  3. Click You.
  4. Click Voice in the menu bar. 
  5. Click to enable the Automatically record all outgoing calls option.
    Note: If this option is unavailable, contact the Outreach Admin to confirm call recording is enabled for the Org.
  6. Click Save

Avoma will start analyzing calls for members connected to Avoma application.

NOTE: To ensure proper integration, it is recommended that the email used to sign up for Avoma matches the email associated with the system being integrated.

Everyday Usage

1. Review Summarized Notes & Call Analysis in Avoma

Once Avoma gets the specific recording file, it transcribes and analyzes each call so you can find important nuggets of information easily.

In the Avoma application, you can see:

  • Summarized notes with Next Steps, Questions Asked, and more details.
  • Full call transcript
  • Different speakers identified with their Talk time
  • Different topics detected
  • Coaching insights like how many times you used filler words

You can also edit summarized notes in Avoma and add any missing details. If you have CRM connected with Avoma, the notes will be attached to the appropriate CRM Object(Account/Company, Deal/Opportunity, Contact/Lead)


2. Review Summarized Notes & Call Analysis in Outreach

Once you've connected outreach with Avoma you can also see the call analysis and notes within outreach. It is an iframe which loads Avoma's UI into outreach, we don't really sync any data into outreach, we pull calls from outreach and process them like other dialers. And similar to other dialers we don't sync any data back to dialers , but instead sync AI notes to connected CRMs.


Disconnect Instructions

Currently we do not support the disconnect request from the UI.

Please write to help@avoma.com to disconnect your Outreach account from Avoma.