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Leveraging Smart Categories

In this article, we'll talk about how you can best utilize smart categories so that Avoma can take even better notes, know what to listen for and extract information after a call through smart categories and Keyword extraction.

Smart Categories

Avoma, has a predetermined set of default Smart Categories. These top 4 AI categories are always available and always listening. They listen for action verbs that will be added to the appropriate section in the notes.

There are some Smart Categories that you can see out of the box, and you can also  customize others to fit your business needs.

Note: Configuration of this feature is something that only admins have access to set up, but they can be used by all call users. Be sure to touch base with your admin and make suggestions so they can make any adjustments 

Trigger Prompts 

Avoma can extract notes for you in two ways. The first is trigger prompts. This “voice-of-the-customer” approach provides a story driven (longer extraction), which listens for a specific phrase to be said, and then uses that “trigger” as an indicator to  capture and extract what is said immediately before or after the statement/question.

The Avoma AI does not require the exact wording to be said, as it is intelligent enough to parse out language to gain the inference from similar phrases. Then, Avoma can extract a configurable number of sentences before or after the phrase was used.


You can get more bulleted answers and bulleted notes if you are looking for specific words that are said by a speaker. These keywords can be identified in advance of the call and the Avoma can listen for them and track their occurrences. . This is a great way to see at a glance what a customer's needs are or what their use case is.

Please note that keywords apply to anyone who has registered for the premium or higher license type. These Keywords are extracted and reported on within the tracker dashboard of Conversation Insights.