Manage your Forecast targets

How to reach: Revenue Insights > Forecasting > Manage Targets 

Permissions: You must be ad Admin or team manager to make changes here

Under Forecast targets you can find list of team members with their pipeline and the targets set for those with progress tracking. You get below options to make changes under forecast targets.  

Create New Target

You can click on the Create a New Target CTA to open the drawer to update targets for your team. 

You need to select the team and pipeline to add targets for your team for a month or months from the quarter.

Once saved your team will receive email notification for the same. Read more about this at <Forecast Notifications>. You can modified the submitted targets from the targets list view. 

Note: If you create monthly targets, we calculate your quarterly numbers automatically by rolling up the months under each quarter.

Modify Existing Targets

Once your forecast targets are created you can edit them for any member, just hover over any member and click on Edit Targets to open a drawer to modify the target numbers. Once updated your team members will receive the email notification. 

Read more about email notifications settings at <Forecast email notifications settings help doc>.

Read more about your team’s forecast board at <Know your Forecast board>.