Manage Zoom's active speaker view settings for speaker detection in Avoma meeting recordings

With Avoma’s integration with Zoom, your meeting recording experience is more seamless and efficient than ever. But sometimes you see that the transcript does not have speakers correctly identified and that could be because you have not enabled Zoom’s Active speaker settings that help Avoma know which speaker is speaking while we are recording the meeting. 

You need to turn them ON so that Avoma can know and correctly associate the transcript with respective meeting participants. 

These settings are only for the correct detection of active speaker and do not affect the video playback in Zoom or Avoma. 

When you connect your Zoom account with Avoma we automatically turn them ON but sometimes the Zoom admins modify these at the organization level and users are not aware of it. If you do not have permission to modify them or you’re not the admin in your organization then send this article to the admin to update these settings so speakers can be correctly shown in the Avoma meeting transcript. 

You can update the same from 2 places

  • Avoma’s conferencing settings

    1. Navigate to Avoma Settings → Recording and Conferencing
    2. Under Conferencing app preferences You’ll notice your Zoom account being connected, Click on the Configure button
    3. Click to open the Advance settings and you’ll notice the toggles to update the Active speaker view settings.
    4. These settings are indicative of your settings from your Zoom account and anything that you modify will modify your Zoom settings. 
    5. Turn ON the below settings 
    6. Record Active Speaker view
        1. Improve speaker identification by enabling the Active speaker recording in Zoom cloud recording
    7. Record shared screen with Active Speaker View
        1. Ensure your video is captured along with shared screen
    8. If you're missing active speaker view settings
      1. Turn on the Zoom Timeline settings
      2. Note that Zoom timeline speaker Identification will work only for the customer with paid zoom license and have recording audio transcript enabled in their zoom settings. The setting can be enabled from Zoom or from Avoma's recording and conferencing setting page. For the customer with basic zoom license we will keep using Avoma's speaker identification technology.

  • Zoom recording settings

      1. Navigate to Zoom Settings → Recording
      2. Turn ON the below settings 
      3. Record active speaker with shared screen
      4. Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately