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Managing your Profile Settings

Managing your profile settings is important because it allows you to control how your information is shared and who can see it. This can include things like your name, role information, and license settings. 

My Profile

By clicking on the Settings tab in the left hand navigation you will be presented with your User Profile.  Click on the edit button in the top right corner to edit each of the fields:

  1. Profile Picture - This is pulled from the Google or Microsoft account that you’ve used to create the Avoma Account.
  2. Title - The job information that you filled while creating the Avoma Account.
  3. Email - Same email ID that you used to create the Avoma Account.
  4. Current Time Zone - Avoma sets this automatically based on your browser location.


Account Details

The Account Details section within the profile settings display your Avoma role, team, and license that is assigned to you.


If you have any additional questions, reach out to our team at help@avoma.com