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Mapping CRM Fields

Admins can map fields from the CRM into Avoma

CRM Field Mapping

To have the ability to include custom columns into Revenue Insights, you must first configure the CRM objects to do so. This can be done for Salesforce or Hubspot, at app.avoma.com/settings/crm.

  1. Click on Configure to see the available objects from your CRM. This shows you a table of each CRM entity available, the number of properties synched, and if you can configure them. 
  2. For the Object you would like to use, click on Configure in the row of the object in which you are interested. This will open to a page which shows a detailed report of all properties available in Avoma from the CRM.

    For Hubspot:

    • Hubspot Property - The name of the property in Hubspot that is available.
    • Avoma Property - The Avoma Smart Category that has been selected to map to this Hubspot property.
    • Sync Direction - The direction of the synchronization of data. This can be outbound, inbound, or bidirectional. 
      • If you map a smart category, the sync direction is automatically changed to outbound (From Avoma to CRM).
      • If the CRM Field is read-only, the sync direction is inbound (CRM to Avoma)
      • If its not read-only, and hasn't been mapped yet to a smart category, the sync direction is bidirectional
    • Editable by - The determination as to who can edit the property. This may be view only or editable by everyone.
    • Imported By - The name of the Avoma Admin that imported the property from the CRM into Avoma.
  3. If desired, change the Smart Category, by selecting any from the dropdown. 

    NOTE: Only one smart category can be mapped to one CRM field. It will show disabled if it is already used by a CRM Field.

  4. Click Save Changes & Start Synching to sync all changes to both Avoma and the CRM. Cancel Changes resets the edits made in that session, and returns to the previous values.

Apart from the fields shown, you can also Import Properties which available in the CRM, but not currently in your Avoma system, by clicking on the Import Properties button.

Select as many as you like, and click on Import.

NOTE: These changes are are instantly shown in the Deal Intelligence Column Chooser.


If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team at help@avoma.com.