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Avoma Privacy Settings

This article will cover default meeting privacy settings and how you can change them.

Within Avoma, your privacy is our top priority. While we do have some default settings, you have control over the privacy of all your meetings. There are 3 privacy options:

  • Private
  • Organization
  • Public


By default, all internal meetings will automatically be set to private. An internal meeting is determined by the invited participants: if all invitees have the same workplace domain (for a Standup or 1:1), the meeting will be internal and the meeting will be private only to those who were invited to the meeting. This allows you to have 1:1s or internal syncs and know that the information discussed will be available for you to review but won't be shared with the greater organization. Those with an Admin role in Avoma do not have access to private meetings.

If the link is shared with someone who wasn't a participant, they will see the following:

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 3.08.04 PM

NOTE: If you have CRM integration, private meetings will NOT automatically sync to your CRM, however you can sync them manually, if needed.


All external meetings will default to be visible to Avoma users within your organization. An external meeting is determined when you invite participants outside of your organization. Organization-wide sharing makes for easier collaboration and communication between teams and allows you to easily share the voice of the customer across your company. 


No meetings will default to Public because want to ensure your organization's privacy, but if you ever have a recording that you want to share with a wider audience, this is an option to select. If you set a recording to Public, anyone with the meeting link will be able to view the recording. 

If you want to share outside of your organization but do not want to make a recording public, you can also share it explicitly with recipients. 


Changing your Default Privacy Settings

Default privacy settings can be updated for each individual user within their Privacy Settings. Or, they can be updated by an Admin for your whole organization in your Organization Privacy Policy Settings. If you change the Organization Privacy Policy, it will override the settings of your individual users. 

Avoma Best Practice: CEOs, Founders, or other members of leadership often change their External Meeting settings to Private. As leaders in your company, you often hold external meetings that are not meant to be shared with the entire team and it is best practice to have all your meetings private by default.


Changing Individual Meeting Privacy

You do have the ability to change the privacy of your individual meetings. This can be done by clicking on the privacy icon to the left of your meeting title and adjusting appropriately. Privacy settings for your individual meetings can be updated any time before or after the meeting occurs. 


If you have any further questions regarding Avoma’s privacy policies and settings. Please contact us at help@avoma.com.