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Purposes and Outcomes

In this article will talk about how you can make the most out of your purposes and outcomes for your Avoma meetings.

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Purposes and outcomes are a great way to help organize the variety of meetings that you and your team are attending every day. When you are in your workbench, you can see them listed next to each meeting type. 

Avoma picks up on the purposes automatically based on the meeting title. If it doesn't pick up the purpose, you can go ahead and manually select one. If you want to filter back to any of your meetings, you can look for that purpose and review those specifically. 

Purposes also have a second value add. Within these purposes you can actually set templates to apply automatically. If you have a purpose set, you can have a pre-started notes template. It is automatically applied. Avoma picks it up and applies a set of discussion categories automatically.

As an Admin, you may want to change some of the purposes or outcomes, or you want to add additional ones based on your business use case. 

  • Any admin can go into their Settings and then to purposes and outcomes. 
  • You'll see some out of the box, but feel free to go in and edit them to match your terminology. Whatever fits your company's best practices. 
  • The purpose will try to be applied automatically based on the meeting title. So think about the recurring meetings you have and what those titles look like. 
Similarly, for the Outcomes of that meeting you can manually select that as well. This allows you to filter and then you can dig into those results and analyze those further. While they do not automatically apply post meetings, if you are utilizing the dialer and you do submit, an outcome within your dialer that does sync with Avoma and will carry through, in your calls.