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Performing a Video Call Review

In this article, we'll share best practices in reviewing your call after it's been processed within Avoma.

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After the meeting you can go back into it, review what was discussed, and make any changes necessary. Once you're in, you can see a lot of information:

You can see the video recording, as well as data points around topics that were covered on that call. Additionally, you can see how much time each speaker took during the call, including their longest monologue. 

Avoma also provides you the opportunity to go back into the call and watch that video playback. If you want to review it, you can speed up that playtime to save a little bit of time, and still get all that content in and be able to hear it. 

On the right side, we've got a few more details. The full transcript (which you can search), Avoma-captured notes, any comments that have been shared, as well as snippets and the keywords that were pulled by Avoma from here.

Depending on who you want to see the recording, you can change the privacy from Private (just those in attendance) to Organization (anyone from the same Org domain) to public for anyone to view. You can decide whether that is just this meeting or all meetings in the series.