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Speaker Percentages and Monologues

This article will cover how to access the speaker percentages and monologue time of each participant in the meeting.

Speaker Percentages and Monologues 

1. Start by locating which meeting you would like to review the speaker percentages and monologues. Once located you can review using either the Quick View or Review feature. 

NOTE: The Quick View will not include the text transcript but does allow to easily navigate back to the meetings page. 

2. In either view, the Speaker Percentages and Monologues will be located directly below the video/audio transcript.

3. The speaker percentages provide powerful insight into how the meeting was run. For example, if we were reviewing a "discovery" call and see the rep spoke for 80% then that may tell us they were digging deep enough into the customer's needs. 

Filler Words, Talk Speed, and Patience

Avoma analyzes each meeting and provides a comprehensive breakdown of the average filler words per minute, spoken words per minute, and how long after someone stops talking before they begin speaking (patience). This information is available for each participant in the meeting. 

1. From the speakers feature, select the carrot to the right of the participant's name. This will allow you to view the number of filler words, talk speed, and patience. 

NOTE: Filler Words, Talk Speed, and Patience are color coded. Green is ideal, yellow is ok, and red is poor.