Standard Naming Conventions for automatically applying the right template

Avoma automatically understands the purpose of your meetings and inserts the appropriate meeting template, so that you can focus on the high-value conversations.

Standard Naming Conventions and Avoma Purposes

Avoma will always try to auto-select the purpose of your meeting by reading the meeting title. Keep this in mind when you are customizing the Purposes of your organization. For example, if the title of a meeting is "Avoma Demo Call", Avoma will auto-select the Purpose as "Demo". In the example below, you can see that because 1:1 was included in the meeting title Avoma has automatically assigned the template tied to the 1:1 purpose. 

Purposes can also be manually applied or changed anytime by clicking on the associated drop-down menu. To learn more, check out this article on how to use meeting Purposes and Outcomes.


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