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Transcript Review

If you need to edit the transcript or correct, we identify a speaker. We've got you covered in this upcoming article.

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By clicking on view details for a specific call, we see the entire recording. On the right side, we find the transcript.

For quick reviews, the transcript is searchable and fully editable. This is a great way to review topics that were discussed and make sure that your transcript is precise, it's accurate, and has all the correct information.

If the transcript needs to be shared, or someone wants a copy to review later, you can download just the transcript and you'll get an email with the link to download the file. So that way you can have a copy and share it with your team. They can review or translate into another language if needed. 

Below the recording, you can see the list of speakers and their involvement. If Avoma didn't pick up which participant was the speaker, and you know who person is, you can select a speaker from the drop down and tag them appropriately. If someone joined unexpectedly, you can also add participants at the top, so that their talk times can be tracked as well.