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Using the Left Navigation Menu

In this article, we'll review how you can easily navigate around Avoma using the left hand navigation bar.

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When you log into Avoma, you're going to be brought to the main workbench. You may want to move around a little bit and navigate throughout some of the other pages. You can do that on the left-hand side with the navigation bar.
At the top is your meetings, which is your main screen. You can also toggle around between your own meetings, your teams' meetings, the whole org meetings, and any that you've been shared on explicitly.

From there, we can jump down and look at your Playlist. Automatically it's going to take you to your Playlists.  You can see any playlist that you have created for your own personal use, but we can also toggle and look at any that are created by your teammates or to which you have subscribed.

Next down the line is templates. Again, we're always going to see the ones we create first in that main view, but we can toggle and see the rest of the org templates. So, you can look at any that the other team members have created, and that might be applied to your call notes.

If you are a premium or above licensed user, you have the Conversation Insights tab, which is where you'll be able to take a look at some of the data around the calls your team has been having. Here, we can look at the overall activity of meetings in more details about the interactions the team is having and where those talk tracks are going.

We can look at more specific topics like the demo pricing and how much time your team is spending on that. You can take a look at any keywords that you've been tracking and how much those are being discussed on calls by your customers. You can plan ahead and you can also look at custom trends and come up with your own custom searches. If you're curious, if they are a trend.

For business and higher licenses, you will also have access to the Revenue Insights tab, where you can see all your deals that are open in your pipeline. You can take a look at a lot of the data in here and see some of the recent conversations that I've been having, as well as, the likelihood that those are going to close on time.

As we go further down, you'll see some of the other things like Quickstart, which you would have already have completed. You can also come down to Refer and Earn, which is where you can earn a little bit of money back by sending more customers our way, get an extra 10 percent commission for their signing up.

Next, you can see What's New. What are some recent things that we've pushed out? This is a great way to make sure you're up-to-date on the latest features, to get more use out of Avoma. One more down and you can open up contact us. If you have any questions or run into any issues, reach out to our support team, and we're happy to help. Last one down here is your Settings where we can dig in and set up some of those integrations, adjust some privacy settings, and further configure your account.
The last option is going to be your account, and this is where you can log out, if you're using a guest computer.