Usage Insights - Activity Dashboard


How to reach: Usage Insights > Activity 

Permissions: Users with a business plan and higher can view.

The activity dashboard shows the member’s conversation activity within Avoma.

The meaning of the columns is as below. 

Sr no


What do they mean


Team member

List of all members part of the organization within Avoma (Members on all licenses are displayed here)


No of conversations

No of conversations where each member was host or participant are counted. Meetings and calls are referred as conversations.


Total hours spent in conversations

The entire duration of the recorded conversations (Meetings and calls) where each member was host or participant are counted.


Average duration

Average duration = Total hours spent in conversations/No of conversations

You can choose from the different filters available to slide and dice the data. 

Use Cases

  1. Compare the different team’s performance - You can use the team and member filters to compare the time spent and average time spent by different teams and analyze the gaps and reasons.
  2. Compare the call durations based on call purposes - You can use the purpose filters to know if member’s are spending the defined time on Demo meetings or onboarding meetings

You can read more about FAQs related to the Usage Insights here

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