Usage Insights - Conversations Engagement Dashboard


How to reach: Usage Insights > Engagement > Conversations 

Permissions: Users with a business plan and higher can view.

The Conversations engagement dashboard shows the member’s conversation activity within Avoma.

The meaning of the columns is as below. 

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What do they mean


Time Saved (Coming soon)

Time saved is a ROI metric provided by Avoma on how much time is being saved using Avoma. 

  1. Each AI Meeting note generated = 10 mins saved
  2. Conversations (Meetings and calls) listened = Actual duration of the meeting and call recording listened in minutes. We always count this at 1X speed 
  3. Snippets listened = Actual duration of snippet recording listened in minutes
  4. Each comment made = 3 mins saved (Comment replies are counted)
  5. Time saved formula = Meeting notes generated + Conversations (Meetings and calls) listened + Snippets listened + comments made


Conversations listened

  1. Meetings and calls, where the user has clicked play, are counted
  2. We count a conversation view when someone watches the meeting or call recording for at least 5 seconds
  3. Offline or downloaded Videos listened are not counted


Conversations listened duration (Coming soon)

  1. Duration of the conversation listened to in minutes at the normal speed
  2. If you listened to the conversation at more than 1X speed we still count the duration listened at the normal speed
  3. We do not count the skipped portions of the conversation recordings
  4. We do not count the repetitive portion of conversations listened to
  5. Offline or downloaded Videos listened are not counted


Average % completion (Coming soon)

  1. On average, how much of a recording is viewed with a tracked session 

  1. Average % completion = Conversation listened duration/ Total recorded duration of the conversations listened


Conversations commented

  1. Number of Meetings and calls which have at least one comment
  2. If all comments are deleted then we exclude the this count


Conversations shared

  1. Numbers of meetings and calls shared from meeting share feature
  2. If the same meeting and calls is shared twice it will be counted once


Snippets listened

  1. A number of snippets listened
  2. If the same snippet is listened to twice it will be counted once

What does trend % mean?

  1. To compare the data of the selected date range with the exact previous date range and show it in %
  2. If no data or no change in the date for the selected date range then do not show any trend number
  3. Example - In the last 7 days for conversations listened to, if there's an increase of 100% it means it’s comparing the data of the last 7 days with the 7 days prior to that

How is roll-up calculated for the 

  1. Roll up count is unique count of conversations (meetings or calls) listened but the individual row count can have same meetings counted for different members because multiple members can be part of the same conversations (meetings or calls)
  2. Example

Use Cases

  1. Compare the different team’s performance - You can use the team and member filters to compare the time spent and average time spent by different teams and analyze the gaps and reasons.
  2. Boost the culture and practice of coaching for leaders and managers - You can dive deeper into insights to know if managers and leaders are listening to enough calls and increase the practice and culture by bringing more accountability. 
  3. Assess the impact of call listening on deal closure -  Listening to your own or top performer’s calls makes you a better seller. You can co-relate the performance of reps with the number of calls they are listening to and improve the deal closure performance. 

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