Usage Insights FAQs


  1. What is Usage Insights?
    1. Track the adoption and usage of Avoma in your organization. In the Usage Insight dashboards, you can analyze how members and teams use Avoma features such as listening to, snippets, comments, and sharing conversations. You can drill down to see which member listened to the other member’s conversations and which conversations they listened to. You can also measure the total time one saved by using Avoma. 
    2. Definitions of the particular metrics are listed under the help doc of the respective dashboard. 
  2. Who can access the Usage Insights functionality?
    1. Users on the business license and higher can access the usage insights tab and dashboards under it. 
    2. Note: Admins will need a license to access usage insights.
  3. When does avoma update the Usage Insights data?
    1. We update the usage insights dashboard data here every hour.
  4. I have a meeting recording of 30 mins. there is a snippet for 10 mins. I watched the snippet. Is it counted in conversations listened?
    1. We count it only under the snippets listened metrics. The actual duration listened is counted under Conversations listened duration which is coming soon
  5. What does trend % mean?
    1. To compare the data of the selected date range with the exact previous date range and show it in %
    2. If no data or no change in the date for the selected date range then do not show any trend number