Using Avoma as Leadership Coaching Platform

Leaders with the Premium or Business license have access to view data from the Conversation Intelligence page in Avoma to help provide feedback to their teams. 

Creating Playlists and Smart Playlists 

  1. Playlists - Require team members to submit their calls or snippets from calls to the playlist. Place the action step on the reps to share their preferred call into a Playlist as the selected call to discuss. Ask them to share the best call of the week where they can share their successes or struggles. Subscribe to the playlist to be alerted when a new snippet is added to it (and that they rep has completed their task).
  2. Smart Playlist - Create a set of criteria to automatically pull calls of-a-certain-type into a Smart Playlist. Preselect the filter criteria and those calls will be automatically pulled into the playlist for your review. 

    NOTE: Learn how to Create a Playlist and see the filter criteria: Search for a keyword, Smart Categories, Team & Member, Companies, Purposes, Outcomes, Stages During, Stages Now, Call Types, Amount Now, etc.

Track Conversation Insights

  1. Team Alignment - Quickly identify calls/meetings that don't align with team leadership expectations. Review Interaction and Activity standards to determine who falls outside of the criteria and have conversations with those individuals. Check out the calls themselves to validate your concerns and share with the team.
  2. Topic Analysis - Analyze how top performers run meetings, from time they cover topics, to longest monologues. Use that information to compare agains the entire team and determine a strategy to connect the two cohorts. What is the duration of these topics? When in the call were they discussed? 
  3. Trend Tracker - Track trends such as which competitor or features are being mentioned the most, or other features identified through keywords.

Drive Meeting Flows through Templates

Create templates tied to meeting purposes and use "Trigger prompts" to have a standardized call flow for your entire team. Provide call scripts for the team to follow and include the questions that they should use to drive the results you are looking for.

NOTE: Check out this  article to learn how to Customize your Smart Categories and Use Trigger Prompts.

Customize your Coaching

Take a look at “Custom Trends” to search for anything you’d like. If you think something should be tracked, this can be a good way to investigate it first and see if the data backs up your hypothesis.

  • Eliminate filler words from your meetings. 
  • Find commonly used terms within your conversations and make sure you & your team speak the same language as your prospects.
  • Time spent on topics - How long does the average rep spend on a particular topic like intros, demo, people & company, and if there's a discrepancy between the average rep vs top rep.

Use Avoma for onboarding 

Avoma can be used for onboarding new teams into your organization. Create a set of content that establishes the processes and procedures you want followed by the entire team. Do so without having to deliver these messages in a one-off, less scalable approach. 

Here are an example set of Playlists that some of our other customers have created:

  • Playlist of the "best" of each call type. 
  • Playlist of "How to" basics for technologies used
  • Playlist of common workflows
  • Playlists of important updates
  • Playlists of competitive landscape
  • Playlists of core value-adds for your product

NOTE: Creating these playlists and videos will also serve as an on-going knowledge base as a resource for your entire organization


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