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What is Revenue Intelligence?

Revenue Intelligence allows you to take the sales opportunities from within your Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) and display key tracking data to determine progress and sales viability.

By integrating with your CRM (e.g., Hubspot, SFDC), Avoma will show you Close Date, Amount, & the Stage that the deal is in, as well as Momentum (whether the opportunity is moving up or down). As the data is updated in either the CRM or Avoma Revenue Intelligence, the corresponding data field will be modified as part of a 2-way field update.
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We then combine that CRM data with Insights from Avoma (e.g., Pain points, Number of meetings, Number of phone calls, Number of emails exchanged, etc.) to offer a wholistic predictive perspective. 
Revenue Intelligence Engagement
The sales leader can then take these statistics and assess the information to determine whether the meeting insights align with the story that a Sales representative is sharing.  Thus making the sales team more effective and efficient in closing business.
 Note: Revenue Intelligence is available with the Business License Plan.