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Who has Access to my Meetings?

The difference between "Private" and "Organization" visibility

Private meetings are only accessible to meeting participants.

By default all internal meetings are marked as private meetings. As an example, let's say that you are having a 1:1 meeting with your manager. By default, Avoma will mark this meeting as a private meeting which can only be accessed by you and your manager.

Non-private meetings are by default available to the entire organization. By default, external meetings are set to be shared with the organization. This means that a Customer Success Manager can go back and review calls a new client had with the Account Executive to better get to know their clients before even speaking with them.

Lastly, Avoma has a concept of a restricted Guest user role. Guest users can only access their own meetings or meetings that are specifically shared with them - i.e. they cannot access meetings that they were not a participant of. 

Meeting participants can always share meetings to specific users. You can find details in our sharing article.