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This article will help you understand how to navigate and make changes on the main page of Avoma.

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This article reviews your main Workbench. This is where you can get a look at your day ahead, jump into your current meeting, and review all of your past meetings. This page is intended to help keep you organized, keep you up to date, and be able to find those recordings quickly after-the-fact.  A great thing to do ahead of all your calls is to take a look at your upcoming calendar. What meetings do I have? Are my notes prepared for those meetings? You can also confirm that those meetings are scheduled to be recorded, and if something shouldn't be, you can disable it from the main page.

We recommend setting a Purpose for every meeting before it starts. With a meeting coming up that doesn't have one automatically selected by Avoma, you can easily go in and indicate which purpose you'd like to use. You can apply that purpose to just the one meeting or for all meetings in a series.  This will apply a Purpose to the call, and then set up the template within the note taker, so that the meeting can be well organized while we're taking our notes during the call. The purpose can also be used when you're searching after a call. You can see some of the filters that allow you to go back and help find the calls you're looking for.

After a call ends, you can also apply an Outcome for a similar reason. That way you can track what the meaning of the call was and how it ended. Are we moving forward? Do we have next steps? What are we doing after this call is over?

Next to each call. There is some information about the meeting. You can hover over the list of participants to make sure everyone who's supposed to be on the call, or add participants as needed. We also have Privacy here to make sure that it is what we want it to be. Internal meetings are automatically set to private - visible only to participants - while external meetings are visible to the organization. But you can also change this for individual meetings as needed.