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Before Meeting Workflow


A few things happen before the meeting: find the best time to meet, set up video recording (if necessary), manage RSVPs and possible cancellations, think through talking points, and type up the agenda. 

These relatively simple tasks are causing two major pain points that you might not even be aware of:

  1. Inconvenience – to set up a meeting, you are probably juggling a few different apps: Calendly for scheduling, MS Outlook for typing agendas, and Zoom for video conferencing. This workflow is inconvenient as it requires opening different apps with multiple windows for a relatively simple task.
  2. Time waste - Setting this up for one meeting takes a few minutes of your time, which is negligible. However, multiply this by the number of your meetings per week, and this can amount to up to 2 or more hours lost on “just setting up meetings.”

You probably never thought setting up meetings could be such a time suck? And the number of meetings keeps increasing!

Now more than ever, we must preserve our valuable time, automate these low-value tasks, and focus on the most important things.

Avoma helps you save time by simplifying your pre-meeting workflow; you no longer need to use different apps, open multiple windows, and do admin work. Now you can automate your entire pre-meeting workflow directly inside Avoma with Scheduler and Smart Agenda Templates.

How does it work?

Use Scheduler to build multiple meeting pages such as demo, discovery, or follow-up and find the best time to meet with your guests. Configure Scheduler to manage your meeting reminders and no-shows. And the best part, Avoma recognizes the type of meeting you’re having and is instantly generating powerful agenda templates to help you stay focused.

Read on to learn how to get the most out of Avoma and automate your pre-meeting workflow.

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